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 I got the following from HLJ and I will quote it below if any didn't get
it. It seems they are going to laucnh a new version of their site in May, if
all goes well according to the email they sent. Anyway read below for the
full details.

The message is below:

"To our customers:

(This mail has been sent to all customers who have purchased from HLJ in the
past year. Please note that this is not an established mailing list and no
further mailings will be sent. As such, there is no need to remove yourself
from this list if you don't want to receive further messages from us).

This message is a quick update to let you know about some important changes
in HobbyLink Japan's services that have taken place, and that are coming up
in the weeks and months to come.

Major order status system improvement: You can now check your order status
by e-mail! There's no longer any need to visit our web site. To do so,
just send a message to from the same e-mail account
you used to place your order with us. This can be a blank message. Our
servers will return to you an automated message showing the exact status of
your orders and all items you've requested within a few minutes. What could
be easier?

About our regular mailing list: "HLJ News" has been suspended permanently.
We've realized that our customer's interests are just too broad to attempt
to cover everything in a single newsletter. Instead we will be creating
separate lists for each of the major genres of the hobby. We hope to begin
those in late April. Watch our web site for news on this.

State-of-the-art shopping and search system coming: Since last fall, we've
been hard at work behind the scenes creating an all-new HLJ Web site that
will feature password account protection, better searching, more product
categories, and a host of other improvements. Final development is taking
place now, and we expect to ask a random group of our customers to offer
their opinions on the changes in the weeks to come. With luck, we should be
able to debut the new site by sometime in May.

If you're interested in providing your opinion about our new Web site when
it's ready for testing, or if you have any other comments about how we're
doing, feel free to contact us at doing, feel free to contact us at I cannot promise to
respond personally to all messages, but they will all be read and carefully

2000 was HLJ's best year ever, and in fact the first year that we showed a
solid profit for our efforts. Thanks to your support, we've managed to be
one of the few "dot-com" businesses that is actually making some money.
While most of our profits are going to paying back the loans that got HLJ
started in the first place, we're managing to spend some of it on service
improvements. We think you'll find them worthwhile! Watch the web site for
further announcements about our upcoming changes.

Best regards,

Scott T. Hards
President, HobbyLink Japan"

Aaron aka BlazeEagle
"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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