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I recomend getting them off of ebay I got Ms o8th Subtitled with Miller
Report for 30 dollars. I have also got Macross DYRL and Chars Counter Attack
also. The qualaty varies but for the most part they are very good Played on
a DVD plaer to Excellent on a PC

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> All the VCD's that are available are bootlegs and
wouldn't be legal anywhere
> outside of HK, hence they fall in the same "don't ask,
don't tell" area as
> fansubs on the list.

Just want to make sure - there are some legal VCD,
including some Gundam shows, in which the company that
produce the VCD have the permission from Bandai to
produce the VCD version. For example, Gundam Wing has an
official VCD version, and each VCD contain two episodes,
I believe. There's a dub and a sub on each VCD, unless I
was mistaken (the Gundam movies like F91 and Char's
Counterattack have two version - one sub and one dub).
If you are talking about the VCD only has the copyright
for the region of HK, then I guess I am buying "illegal"
software too, since I rarely, if any, buy any US games,
as I buy almost exclusively Japanese games yet I am
playing them in the US (and yes, there is quite a few of
them that have an US version)...

9 out of 10 times, the easiest way to spot a bootleg is
to see whether it has a dub track - if so, then it's a
legal one. Of course, there are quite a few cases where
the bootleggers copy those and sell them too (I remember
seeing Initial D's pirated dubbed VCDs in HK a while
ago), but at least that's a clue telling you that
there's a legal version out there, as bootlegger don't
have time to dub the VCDs themselves.

-Edmund Chiu

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