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I never noticed the Sazabi had them...

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  Alright, here's what (little) I know about funnels. They are a newtype use weapon that detaches from a mobile suit and can attack an enemy from whatever direction the newtype chooses. They are controlled by the newtype mentally, and are highly maneuverable. I think Lalah Sun uses them on her mobile armor, who's name escapes me at the moment. They are also on the Sazabi, and several other Newtype use suits. My favorite ones are the Fin Fannals from the Nu Gundam, as they look cool and make that awesome beam barrier. I wish I knew more about them, maybe someone else can tell you more. I was wondering though, in CCA Char (I think) says "He's out of Funnels." Does this mean that they have a small power supply of only a few shots? If so, about how many shots would each funnel be expected to have?
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    Excuse my basic lack of knowledge of anything past the on year war, but what
    is a funnel? I know the Quebeley has a bunch of funnels on its tail, and that
    the Jagd doga has them under its shoulder armor, but are they just rockets,
    or something more?

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