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Mon, 12 Mar 2001 15:08:06 -0800 (PST)

--- Edward Ju <gundam@loop.com> wrote:
> >my understanding is that their like support bits.
> They're launched and the
> >fly around the suit, controlled by, IIRC, newtype
> pilots, acting as extra
> >firepower and/or defense.
> Actually, the first time Lalah used them, they acted
> more like ambush/
> sneak attack units against unsuspecting ships. The
> weapon was so new
> at the time, no one knew what was happening. All
> they saw were a bunch
> of Fed ships blowing up one after another. It
> caused a panic attack
> in the Fed's ranks.
> It wasn't until NewType vs NewType combat scenes
> that we got to see them
> being used in all kinds of roles from offense and
> nuisance to a defensive
> role like Amuro did in CCA.
> Eddie

Also they act like Heat Seekers rockets but they shoot
Beams,and comes back to its owner.

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