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>Excuse my basic lack of knowledge of anything past the on year war, but what
>is a funnel? I know the
><http://www.angelfire.com/anime2/zeonbase/axsuit2.html>Quebeley has a
>bunch of funnels on its tail, and that
>the Jagd doga has them under its shoulder armor,

I think you meant *over* the shoulder armor.

>but are they just rockets,
>or something more?

More than that. Think of them as remote-control mobile turrets.
It basically takes the "small, nimble mobile suits can sink capital ships"
mentality to the next logical level by applying the concept to small, fast
beam-firing units meant to destroy mobile suits. Unlike rockets, these
are like mini guns flying around and can keep shooting at you until you
destroy it. Problem is, there are too many of them around and they are
usually faster than you are.

The bit/funnel concept first appeared on the MA Brau Bro, but the huge
turrets were attached by cable and required several gunners at the controls.
When NewType Sharia Bull showed up in the second half of the original series,
he was able to control all the turrets by himself.

The cable-attached concept survived on the Zeong as well, as Char was not a
strong NewType at the time, the cables helped him out quite a bit. IIRC,
the Hamma Hamma from ZZ also had cabled forearms, and it was piloted by the
pre-enhancement Mashmar.

The first non-cable operated remote attack unit first appeared on the Elmeth,
which has a Psychommu cockpit that amplifies the NewType pilot's brainwave
in order to control these remote attack units (called Bits in the original
novel trilogy) in a Minovsky particle-filled combat zone. Note that the
existence of Minovsky particles renders radar and radiowave practically
unusable, but apparently it does not interfere with amplified brainwave,
therefore Bits/Funnels became very useful in the UC universe. Unfortunately,
it requires a strong NewType pilot to operate them. I think the Qubeley
was the only MS/MA equipped with the system in Zeta (Char was somewhat
surprised when he saw it, proving that Axis was still working on the
technology when he left for earth), and ZZ only had the Qubeley IIs and
Queen Mantha that came with these deadly weapons.

It's been a while since I saw Zeta and ZZ, but IIRC we never saw the
artificially strengthened pilots (assuming Puru and Puru 2 aren't) from
either series use a bit/funnel equipped suit. This could be why Char was
talking to himself about how his artificial NewTypes may not be so stable
after all in CCA, when he saw them in their Jagd Dogas, and the attractive-
ness of Quess as a natural NewType.


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