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> Alright, here's what (little) I know about funnels. They are a newtype use
> weapon that detaches from a mobile suit and can attack an enemy from
> whatever direction the newtype chooses. They are controlled by the newtype
> mentally, and are highly maneuverable. I think Lalah Sun uses them on her
> mobile armor, who's name escapes me at the moment. They are also on the
> Sazabi, and several other Newtype use suits. My favorite ones are the Fin
> Fannals from the Nu Gundam, as they look cool and make that awesome beam
> barrier. I wish I knew more about them, maybe someone else can tell you
> more. I was wondering though, in CCA Char (I think) says "He's out of
> Funnels." Does this mean that they have a small power supply of only a few
> shots? If so, about how many shots would each funnel be expected to have?

Ohh, I see. BTW, Lalah was in the MAN-08
Elmeth, and Burke refers to its funnels as "bits"


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