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wasn't the alex a secretly developed MS? chances are
then, chris would not be a celebrated hero but rather
a court martialed pilot. nothing more. the Libot thing
wasn't really well known so i don't think she would
have gotten any sympathy at all.
--- Dafydd Neal Dyar <> wrote:
> >> Thought about this some more this afternoon while
> watching
> >> Macross Plus. Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't
> it been
> >> concluded that the RX-178 development project was
> going on
> >> around the same time AE's GP project (0083)? If
> it was,
> >> couldn't one naturally assume that had she
> continued to be
> >> a test pilot, she would have been assigned to it?
> Or
> >> something similar, at least?>
> >
> > That is assuming of course that she remained in
> the service.
> > Not everyone makes the military a career. Despite
> being a
> > test-pilot, she disobeyed orders and engaged
> Bernie's Zaku
> > FZ, resulting in the destruction of a proto-type
> mobile suit.
> Of the White Base veterans from First Gundam, the
> only ones who remained in the
> Federation military were those who had already been
> on track for a military
> career before the One Year War started. Both
> Christina Mackenzie of Gundam 0080
> and Shiro Amada of 08th MS Team were colonists who
> enlisted when the War broke
> out, so it's unlikely that she'd've remained in the
> military once the War was
> over.
> And, yes, the military would've been happy to see
> her go. She was a hothead who
> acted on impulse to pursue a personal agenda in
> violation of a direct order,
> which resulted in the ambush that trashed the
> Gundam. Not good.
> We also don't know the severity of her injury, which
> may have disabled her and
> made her unfit for duty. At the end of the story,
> she's on her way back down to
> Earth, but she's not in uniform -- she may be going
> to the equivalent of a VA
> hospital for her convalescence and an evaluation
> that will determine whether she
> can serve out the rest of her term.
> > I'm sure a lot of people in Fed R&D wouldn't have
> been too
> > happy with this. My feeling is that she might've
> been hung
> > out to dry as a scapegoat. This premise forms the
> basis of a
> > fan-fic called "For The Defense", which is the
> story of the
> > court-martial of Christina MacKenzie.
> Interestingly, my own fan-fic notion is that the
> post-War Federation government
> might go the other way and make her out to be a hero
> -- she's young and pretty,
> a wholesome "girl next door" type, and she was
> wounded in combat in a way that
> can be played up for sympathy but doesn't impact on
> her looks. Even if she
> subsequently lost the arm, as I had in my outline
> for such a story, she could
> still make the rounds of state affairs and public
> appearances and garner more
> sympathy than revulsion.
> Either way, she wouldn't be back in a mobile suit,
> which I think is the gist of
> the inquiry. She'd either go into the civilian
> sector as an honored veteran --
> she was, after all, a Gundam pilot and, at the time
> 0080 was written there was
> only one other (now, there are, what? Six? Amuro,
> Chris, Shiro, Terry, Karen
> and Yu? Too many damned retcons!) -- or remain in
> the military as a showhorse,
> the Hero of the Battle of Libot or some such. Maybe
> both -- a civilian burdened
> with the Hero label, which she feels she doesn't
> deserve but can't escape.
> > The story is more court-room drama than MS action
> story. If
> > you want to read what I've written, email me.
> I'd be interested in seeing it, if only because it
> takes the opposite tack from
> what I'd envisioned myself. In my story, Chris the
> nominal Hero, now a Federal
> marshal, teams up with a Newtype woman who was
> unjustly condemned as a
> collaborator -- a fire and ice pair of opposites
> with more than a little
> parallel to the Dirty Pair -- to oppose the post-War
> oppression imposed by the
> EUG and its Titans enforcers.
> Meanwhile, there's an "official" follow-up of Chris,
> although it's not relevant
> to this or any other serious discussion. Mobile
> Suit SD Gundam: Kochira (This
> Way) Mackenzie Detective Office (1991, King Records
> Star Child KICA 49) was a
> "radio drama" released on CD shortly after 0080 that
> features Christina
> Mackenzie as a private eye, teamed up with Hathaway
> Noah. Camille Vidan and
> Sara Zabiarov of Z Gundam and Quess Paraya of CCA
> are also featured, as is the
> Gundam F91, so it's a typical SD mishmash,
> impossible to fit this into the
> actual continuity.
> -Z-
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