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>> Thought about this some more this afternoon while watching
>> Macross Plus. Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't it been
>> concluded that the RX-178 development project was going on
>> around the same time AE's GP project (0083)? If it was,
>> couldn't one naturally assume that had she continued to be
>> a test pilot, she would have been assigned to it? Or
>> something similar, at least?>
> That is assuming of course that she remained in the service.
> Not everyone makes the military a career. Despite being a
> test-pilot, she disobeyed orders and engaged Bernie's Zaku
> FZ, resulting in the destruction of a proto-type mobile suit.

Of the White Base veterans from First Gundam, the only ones who remained in the
Federation military were those who had already been on track for a military
career before the One Year War started. Both Christina Mackenzie of Gundam 0080
and Shiro Amada of 08th MS Team were colonists who enlisted when the War broke
out, so it's unlikely that she'd've remained in the military once the War was

And, yes, the military would've been happy to see her go. She was a hothead who
acted on impulse to pursue a personal agenda in violation of a direct order,
which resulted in the ambush that trashed the Gundam. Not good.

We also don't know the severity of her injury, which may have disabled her and
made her unfit for duty. At the end of the story, she's on her way back down to
Earth, but she's not in uniform -- she may be going to the equivalent of a VA
hospital for her convalescence and an evaluation that will determine whether she
can serve out the rest of her term.

> I'm sure a lot of people in Fed R&D wouldn't have been too
> happy with this. My feeling is that she might've been hung
> out to dry as a scapegoat. This premise forms the basis of a
> fan-fic called "For The Defense", which is the story of the
> court-martial of Christina MacKenzie.

Interestingly, my own fan-fic notion is that the post-War Federation government
might go the other way and make her out to be a hero -- she's young and pretty,
a wholesome "girl next door" type, and she was wounded in combat in a way that
can be played up for sympathy but doesn't impact on her looks. Even if she
subsequently lost the arm, as I had in my outline for such a story, she could
still make the rounds of state affairs and public appearances and garner more
sympathy than revulsion.

Either way, she wouldn't be back in a mobile suit, which I think is the gist of
the inquiry. She'd either go into the civilian sector as an honored veteran --
she was, after all, a Gundam pilot and, at the time 0080 was written there was
only one other (now, there are, what? Six? Amuro, Chris, Shiro, Terry, Karen
and Yu? Too many damned retcons!) -- or remain in the military as a showhorse,
the Hero of the Battle of Libot or some such. Maybe both -- a civilian burdened
with the Hero label, which she feels she doesn't deserve but can't escape.

> The story is more court-room drama than MS action story. If
> you want to read what I've written, email me.

I'd be interested in seeing it, if only because it takes the opposite tack from
what I'd envisioned myself. In my story, Chris the nominal Hero, now a Federal
marshal, teams up with a Newtype woman who was unjustly condemned as a
collaborator -- a fire and ice pair of opposites with more than a little
parallel to the Dirty Pair -- to oppose the post-War oppression imposed by the
EUG and its Titans enforcers.

Meanwhile, there's an "official" follow-up of Chris, although it's not relevant
to this or any other serious discussion. Mobile Suit SD Gundam: Kochira (This
Way) Mackenzie Detective Office (1991, King Records Star Child KICA 49) was a
"radio drama" released on CD shortly after 0080 that features Christina
Mackenzie as a private eye, teamed up with Hathaway Noah. Camille Vidan and
Sara Zabiarov of Z Gundam and Quess Paraya of CCA are also featured, as is the
Gundam F91, so it's a typical SD mishmash, impossible to fit this into the
actual continuity.


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