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        Contact Information:

        Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have!

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                      DCS Internet! Dial-Up service, normally priced at $18.95/month, is offering a discount to new and existing customers. Here is what the service includes:
                    - 56k v.90 Access
                    - Unlimited Usage
                    - Over 1,100 access numbers acrossed the US and Canada
                    - 2 E-Mail Addresses
                    - 10MB Webspace

                    New and existing customers can save money by paying for a longer period of time:

                    - Monthly, $227.40/year.
                    - Quarterly, 5% Discount, $216.00/year.
                    - Bi-Annually, 10% Discount, $204.66/year.
                    - Annually, 20% Discount, $181.92/year.

                    We will pay your annual InterNIC registration fees for your domain (up to $50/year) when you sign up for DCS Internet! Web-Hosting services for a year. Here's what you get with a basic account:
                    - 50MB Web Space
                    - 1GB Data Transfer/month
                    - Your choice of Windows or Unix platforms.
                    - 5 E-Mail Addresses
                    - Unlimited E-Mail aliasing
                    - CGI-BIN/ASP/PHP.

                    All for $24.95/month. Other options are available, such as additional E-Mail addresses, data transfer, web space; we even provide co-location services for large-scale sites, and professional web-design services for any site.

              To be removed from this mailing list, send a message to with "REMOVE" in the subject line followed by the email address that you'd like removed from the list. We apologize if receiving this newsletter has caused you any inconvenience.

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