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<< Thought about this some more this afternoon while watching Macross Plus. Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't it been concluded that the RX-178 development project was going on around the same time AE's GP project (0083)? If it was, couldn't one naturally assume that had she continued to be a test pilot, she would have been assigned to it? Or something similar,
at least?>>

That is assuming of course that she remained in the service. Not everyone makes the military a career. Despite being a test-pilot, she disobeyed orders and engaged Bernie's Zaku FZ, resulting in the destruction of a proto-type mobile suit.

I'm sure a lot of people in Fed R&D wouldn't have been too happy with this. My feeling is that she might've been hung out to dry as a scapegoat. This premise forms the basis of a fan-fic called "For The Defense", which is the story of the court-martial of Christina MacKenzie.

The story is more court-room drama than MS action story. If you want to read what I've written, email me.


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