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RX-93 Nu Gundam wrote:
>IIRC, Amuro had the top half of his Gundam's shield chopped off by one of
>the Black Trinary's Rick Doms after they've killed Matilda - after all,
>the heat whatchamacallit (of all the times to forget its name!!! ugh...)
>can actually cut through a shield's armor.
>the GP-02A's shield is still absurd - placing almost all of your cooling
>systems into it, they should've put more into the suit itself. The
>GP-01's shield gets slagged by Cima's Gelgoog shots after Kou stubbornly
>brings out the GP-01 into a space battle. The GP-01Fb's shield gets
>boiled by the Val Varo's shot, and later, it also gets sliced in half by
>the GP-02A (not to mention assorted GP-01Fb parts ^_^)

Actually having a cooling system in the shield of a nuc assualt
MS is pretty sensible. What's not sensible is that the shield
cooling system should only be needed for the nuc operation.
Having a small hole poked by a prone Kou should not affect the
GP02A's dogfighting capability. Gato should have finished off
Kou right there, which would have made the story much more

Some mecha creators are not satisfied that the shield serve only
one function: blocking shots. They also want the shield to pierce
and bludgeon emenies, fire shots, stow weapons and ammunition,
run the cooling system, collect surveilance, cut through air (for
Zeta Wave Rider), flight control (ZZ) and generate lift (various V
baddies). It slices, it dices.

Of these jobs, only bludgeoning is sensible, stowing weapons
might be called marginally convincing. (well ok, in real life, fidge
doors also stow eggs and make ice)

IMHO, the most ridiculous use is the beam-shield doubling
as beam rotor in MS mode for many baddies in V. That and
the bug eyes, if those two were gone, V would be a show almost
as good as 0079.

>anyway, the Sazabi's shield gets blown off by a remote Nu Hyper Bazooka
>shot, and before that, Amuro's already abandoned his shield after faking
>off Gyunei. The exposed cables on the Sazabi proves later on to its undoing...
>IIRC, when Hathaway commandeered a Jegan, he was able to almost dismantle
>a Geara Doga's shield using the Jegan's vulcans...is that really possible? ...

Nice revue of action scenes involving shields... My impression
is that the blocking strength of the shield is dependend on
who's holding the shield and who's firing the shots, not on the
shield material, impact velocity, projectile nature (impact vs.
explosive vs. beam), mass, impact angle etc.

What I am curious about is: how do the RPG gamers figure
the shields out. Shields of 25cm Titanium alloy can be
penetrated by impact over XX mm calibre, bazooka shots over
YY mm calibre and beam weapon over ZZZ MW. Something
like that? Unless they allow pilot attributes to influence
material physics, it's hard to reconcile all the on-screen

>beam shields are inarguably better than conventional shields, but would
>they block conventional projectile weapons such as bazookas?

Yes, because beam weapons exist. If beam sabre can
damage the armor of enemy MS, then beam shield can damage
incoming missiles. But very high velocity projectile should be
able to penetrate beam shield without losing too much mass.
And since beam shield has no weight, it won't slow down or
deflect projectiles that managed to go throught.

>I'm also inclined to believe they're for aesthetic reasons...

And the residual obessions with transformable super robots
with Swiss army knives.

Totally OT PS: I watched 2 hours of Power Ranger: Lost Galaxy
on Fox-Netherlands yesterday while building some kits. My
God! What has globalization done to sentai shows?

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