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For those who remember this thread and actually responded to it. Looks like
Shinigami will be back by May.

>From: kumiko <>
>Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2001 22:32:55 -0600

>Well, I didn't think I'd be writing this, but sometimes people >can really
>surprise you.

>In the past week I have received several hundred email >messages - some
>on-line friends I've known for some time and many from people >I've never
>met or communicated with before. In fact, you just might be one >of those
>people who wrote to me.

>If so, I want to tell you something: you really made a >difference. I read
>each and every one of your messages. Some were very touching, >others were
>feisty and protective, and still others were angry, either at >TeamMink or,
>a few times, at *me* for choosing to do what I did.
>I read them all, and I have to say that the sheer number of >them, the
>intensity of the feelings you all sent, make me see things in a >very
>different light. There really are fans out there who are >wonderful,
>nurturing people, who care about other fans. That so many of >them would
>choose to write to me is hard to believe, but you all did, and >the
>collective weight of all your good wishes has given me quite a >lot of
>I still very much need a break from active GW fandom. I've been >going hard
>at it for two years now and, by the time the plagiarism >happened, I was
>simply burned out with all the bickering and back biting I been >through
>both of those years.
>But I *can* say - and you all helped me with this - that I *do* >want to
>come back after a break. So here's what I've decided to do:
>The Shinigami Project will be on hiatus until May 5th of this >year. On May
>5th (Boy's Day in Japan) the site will reopen. It will, >however, be
>once a *month*, rather than once a week. (My schedule and >energy just
>allow anything more frequent.)
>Until then, I *will* be working on, including 'Der
>a shrine to Treize that I'll be creating with Kat Reitz/Treize >no miko.
>I will also be working on the other side of, a >site on the
>manga/anime 'Yami no Matsuei.'
>I am, however, swearing off of GW mailing lists for the >forseeable future.
>Once again, I want to tell you all how much your messages meant >to me. If
>it weren't for all of those wonderful sentiments, I would have >never
>considered returning to GW fandom. It was all of you who wrote >and said
>such amazing things that made the difference. I will always be >grateful to
>you for that and I hope you all realize that, sometimes, a >quick note to
>someone you don't know well can really make a difference.
>Thank you all - the post-hiatus site will be dedicated to you.
>See you in May,

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