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DCS Internet! Dial-Up service, normally priced at $18.95/month, is offering a discount to new and existing customers. Here is what the service includes:

- 56k v.90 Access
- Unlimited Usage
- Over 1,100 access numbers acrossed the US and Canada
- 2 E-Mail Addresses
- 10MB Webspace

New and existing customers can save money by paying for a longer period of time:

- Monthly, $227.40/year.
- Quarterly, 5% Discount, $216.00/year.
- Bi-Annually, 10% Discount, $204.66/year.
- Annually, 20% Discount, $181.92/year.

We will pay your annual InterNIC registration fees for your domain (up to $50/year) when you sign up for DCS Internet! Web-Hosting services for a year. Here's what you get with a basic account:

- 50MB Web Space
- 1GB Data Transfer/month
- Your choice of Windows or Unix platforms.
- 5 E-Mail Addresses
- Unlimited E-Mail aliasing

All for $24.95/month. Other options are available, such as additional E-Mail addresses, data transfer, web space; we even provide co-location services for large-scale sites, and professional web-design services for any site.

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