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if you watch CCA the shield is used for just that - a last ditch block
against what might have been a servere if not deadly blow.

Sort of Spoiler Alert

During the last fight between amuro and char the sazabi and nu both lose
their shields to what might have been killing swings (the sazabi looses its
shield to a close range blast or beam saber swing i think, and the Nu lost
its shield while back peddling away from an aggressive beam saber attack by
char). Afterwards the Sazabi gets pulped after being pummled at close range
with the nu gundams fists. I think that fight woulda been far different if
the sazabi still had its shield to counter being punched repeatedly.

"So ... early in UC, shields make sense (Except on land), and late in UC,
beam shields also make sense ... but in the middle years, where beam
weaponry became common and heavy armor a hindrance, why were they still
used, other than for aesthetic reasons?"

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