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> > Whenever they go into those monologues about
> > this right and that
> > wrong -- and in the chinese-dubbed version I was
> > watching -- I get turned
> > off totally. I can't understand how the younger
> > generation can stay
> > interested either..
> the hifalutin' doubletalk is bad, for sure. i just
> typically blink, shake my head, and pop a potato chip
> in my mouth to keep me awake.
> there is just something so ironic (so ironic it hurts
> ones senses) about heero going to school (using duo's
> name at that, hehe) and going off on a scphiel about
> war and violence. that's as absurd as, say, 'pulling
> a columbine' shooting and going to class the next day
> and lecturing against gun violence.
> O_o
> where exactly did the wing boys get the authority to
> preach? talk about grand theft of moral
> ascendancy...!
> oro!

Actually, it makes sense, if you follow the dictum that a true soldier is
the one who wishes to avoid war if possible.

Of all people, Heero and company would be the ones to know exactly about
violence and its effects -- they are, after all, masters of it. the
powerful thing about it is that most of the G-boys have not been
desensitized to it -- which makes them aware of the power and horror of
violent actions.

I think that it's not a question of moral ascendancy, but simple direct
experience -- Heero knows whereof he speaks, not just theoretical or
ideological talk.

> the trieze speeches, i found rather fascinating. they
> kinda make a twisted sort of way. when war
> becomes a game waged with expendable technology, and
> easily renewable redundant resources, it becomes
> doubly dangerous to humanity.

Which made Treize fascinating as a villain if you ask me. His concept of
noble warfare IS archaic, but within its constraints, it actually is a more
human (if that is possible) way to fight. he values human life, in some
strange way, and refuses to have it commodified (remember his memorizing the
names of the dead soldiers?).

> kinda makes you wish you could talk to the producers
> of wing and ask 'em what were they up to in making
> gwing a practical carbon copy of UC.

I think they're answer would be: to make younger people watch it. It's not
a carbon copy, either. major themes and storylines were taken from UC, but
refashioned. I believe it is original enough to qualify not as a ripoff but
as being thematically similar -- which is the same argument for a lot of the
series. You know, we could technically call all gundams after rx-78-2
ripoffs, if we follow the logic a bit.

am not slagging you, no worry, if anything, it's an invigorating debate
going on here, LOL!

> maybe she and kou met up.
> *general facefault*

oh god, I pity Kou.

<hears sounds of whip-lashes>

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