garrick lee (
Sun, 11 Mar 2001 17:58:50 -0800 (PST)

*premptively stomps everyone back*



1) the old 1/144 regz kit. again. O_O

richie tells me it's not so good, but another pal
tells me it's good. i'm getting conflicting opinions.
   anybody here with the regz kit? whad'ya think of
it? any irreconcileable unforgiveable offenses on
this kit? gorrilla arms like jegan, stiffy like the
jagd doga? or just plain awful like old gp02a kit?
i'm not averse to giving the kit a workover if
necessary, but what should i expect?

richie says the proportions are bad. how bad? too
long and lean is ok with me. but not short and squat
(like the old 1/144 kampfer).

2) technical mecha stuff. i'm sure it's been asked
before (heck, i've seen them discussed before but
never dug too deeply into them), but it's lost in the
archives somewhere.

do the thrusters/verniers/apogee motors have a direct,
mathematical relation on the stats given on a mecha
(maximum thrust, maximum acceleration, and 180 degrees
turnaround time)? or is it all just fictional

also, what's the mathematical computations behind the
mecha's weight and height (does height have any
significant stat role?), propulsion, and max thrust
acceleration (as expressed in g's)?

how about for power plant output and weapons (beam)


richie (an evil evil man) and the boyz (evil evil
people) are making me learn these things (curse their
filthy hides), since i'm the unfortunate soul enslaved
to translate the mecha of evilrichie's gundamfics into
feasible roleplaying stats for our own gaming

also...a bit on the oddball side -- do the mechs in
gundam have any indicated strength? speed,
maneuverability, toughness and armor are all easily
figured out. but raw mecha "muscle"? (for melee
combat...and other unforseeable circumstances) how
much would a mecha be able to lift, displace, etc?
how much armor would a mecha be able to punch through,


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