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Edward Ju wrote:

> >I finally got to see F91. They showed it at Megacon last weekend, but I had
> >to leave early so my friend picked up a copy while we were there and I got
> >CCA. I was just wondering what kind of model kits were available from this
> >series? I happen to like the Gundam F91 design, and want to buy a model of
> >it. What else from this series is available? Thanks in advance.
> There are 3 series you should check out:
> Gundam F90 (sort of a prequel that was never animated, available in
> manga form. This entire line features System Injection parts, and
> requires almost no painting whatsoever because most of the parts
> that need it were molded in multi-colors):
> F90 (A/D/S) A basic Gundam F90 with Assault, Destroid, and long range
> Support add-on modules. Big kit, lots of fun to build
> F90 P-type Gundam F90 Plunge type, used for re-entry like the Zeta's
> Waverider mode.
> F90 V-type Gundam F90 V.S.B.R.-type, equipped with an early type of
> VSBR like the F91 had (2 movable long guns equipped on the
> back and swivels under the arms for firing)
> F90 II Gundam F90 Long Range-type, mainly used in anti-ship
> tactical operations
> Gundam F91:
> F71 G-Cannon, the GunCannon equivalent in F91
> XM-07 Vigna-Ghina, Berah Ronah's Crossbone Vanguard MS
> XM-01 Den'an-Zon, the Zaku equivalent in F91
> RXR-44 Guntank, the one from the MS museum scene
> F91 Gundam F91, there are 2 scales, 1/100 and the 1/60 version
> which has a pre-built frame upon which you snap armor parts
> over it, comes with scaled figures of Seabook Arnold and
> Cecily Fairchild. Posability is not that great, but makes a
> solid toy upon assembly, and is not easy to find for a good
> price.
> XM-05 Berga-Giros, Crossbone Vanguard officer's MS
> XM-06 Dahgi-Iris, Annamarie's CV suit. Get 2 so you can paint
> both CV and Fed colors. :)
> RGM-109 Heavy Gun, the GM equivalent in F91
> Silhouette Formula 91 (never animated, a manga is available, the
> Gundams from this line also feature System Injection, but the rest
> require a little painting efforts):
> RGM-111 Hardygun, one of the most popular GM variants made by Bandai
> RXF91 Gundam RXF91, Anaheim Electronic's ripoff version of SNRI's
> Gundam F91
> XM-07G Vigna Zirah, Crossbone Vanguard elite squad commander's suit,
> think of them as the BTS equivalent in the F91 timeline.
> F71B G-Cannon Magna, AE's ripoff version of the F71. Looks even
> more like the original GunCannon.
> RX-99 Neo Gundam, this one appeared as a secret prototype the Feds
> had in the manga. Has a back-mounted style of Core Fighter
> module which can combine with the beam rifle when in CF mode.
> Kit is pricy due to the inclusion of the SF91 Handbook.
> RXF91A Gundam RXF91A, a modified version of the RXF91. You can
> build the original RXF91 from this kit as well.
> F90III-Y Cluster Gundam, this one did not appear in the manga IIRC.
> Eddie

I've got every one of these, except for the Guntank and G-Cannon. E-mail me
off-list for further details if you really want them.

eBay seller ID:  msvgundam

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