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--- Lim Jyue <> wrote:
> At 20:49 03/11/2001 +0800, Richard Ramos wrote:
> >Lim, I agree with you on the preachy part, but
> then, it is supposed to be
> >easier to understand -- for the younger generation,
> you know...I just wish
> >they gave the younger generation more credit.

i'm not too sure about the younger generation issue --
some deserve more credit, but some deserve none at
well, i don't think wing was preaching to the audience
(ala typical 80's american cartoons with morals at the
end of every episode :P) as much as it was actually
preaching to the other characters.

i think wing could have been more subtle than that

*smites lim jyue with delayed email out of nowhere*


> Whenever they go into those monologues about
> this right and that
> wrong -- and in the chinese-dubbed version I was
> watching -- I get turned
> off totally. I can't understand how the younger
> generation can stay
> interested either..

the hifalutin' doubletalk is bad, for sure. i just
typically blink, shake my head, and pop a potato chip
in my mouth to keep me awake.

there is just something so ironic (so ironic it hurts
ones senses) about heero going to school (using duo's
name at that, hehe) and going off on a scphiel about
war and violence. that's as absurd as, say, 'pulling
a columbine' shooting and going to class the next day
and lecturing against gun violence.


where exactly did the wing boys get the authority to
preach? talk about grand theft of moral

the trieze speeches, i found rather fascinating. they
kinda make a twisted sort of way. when war
becomes a game waged with expendable technology, and
easily renewable redundant resources, it becomes
doubly dangerous to humanity.

> >True, but this problem stems from the fact that GW
> didn;t have enough
> >episodes for the kind of Storyline that it had.
> Well, that's bad storyboarding for you. If
> what you said is true, it
> was trying to cramp too much into too little, and
> that hurts it more than it
> helps.
> Pacing is important..

kinda makes you wish you could talk to the producers
of wing and ask 'em what were they up to in making
gwing a practical carbon copy of UC.

> >True. Chris is very much developed as a character,
> noticeable because of
> >her, well, dimensionality-- it's almost as if she
> is a real person, the way
> >she reacts at times.

batty chick with baseball bat and battier vehicle. :)

artworks of chris mackenzie in the "who dares wins"
jacket were so cool. and then, i come across this
stupid as hell "who dares wins" australian dare show
on axn.

this is just so wrong. *sob*

aye mate, i dare y'all to skydive over a crocodile
farm. winners get a pat on the head.

> =) The fact that she totally dropped off the
> scene is something I
> don't quite understand. She's pretty okay as a
> pilot, IMO, if not downright
> good. Since she was "reassigned" IIRC, so it stands
> to reason that she's
> still around in 0083.. unless she voluntarily
> demobilized.

maybe she and kou met up.

*general facefault*

chris in alex vs. kou in gp01.

useless gundam fights, anyone?


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