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>I finally got to see F91. They showed it at Megacon last weekend, but I had
>to leave early so my friend picked up a copy while we were there and I got
>CCA. I was just wondering what kind of model kits were available from this
>series? I happen to like the Gundam F91 design, and want to buy a model of
>it. What else from this series is available? Thanks in advance.

There are 3 series you should check out:

        Gundam F90 (sort of a prequel that was never animated, available in
        manga form. This entire line features System Injection parts, and
        requires almost no painting whatsoever because most of the parts
        that need it were molded in multi-colors):

F90 (A/D/S) A basic Gundam F90 with Assault, Destroid, and long range
                Support add-on modules. Big kit, lots of fun to build

F90 P-type Gundam F90 Plunge type, used for re-entry like the Zeta's
                Waverider mode.

F90 V-type Gundam F90 V.S.B.R.-type, equipped with an early type of
                VSBR like the F91 had (2 movable long guns equipped on the
                back and swivels under the arms for firing)

F90 II Gundam F90 Long Range-type, mainly used in anti-ship
                tactical operations

        Gundam F91:

F71 G-Cannon, the GunCannon equivalent in F91

XM-07 Vigna-Ghina, Berah Ronah's Crossbone Vanguard MS

XM-01 Den'an-Zon, the Zaku equivalent in F91

RXR-44 Guntank, the one from the MS museum scene

F91 Gundam F91, there are 2 scales, 1/100 and the 1/60 version
                which has a pre-built frame upon which you snap armor parts
                over it, comes with scaled figures of Seabook Arnold and
                Cecily Fairchild. Posability is not that great, but makes a
                solid toy upon assembly, and is not easy to find for a good

XM-05 Berga-Giros, Crossbone Vanguard officer's MS

XM-06 Dahgi-Iris, Annamarie's CV suit. Get 2 so you can paint
                both CV and Fed colors. :)

RGM-109 Heavy Gun, the GM equivalent in F91

        Silhouette Formula 91 (never animated, a manga is available, the
        Gundams from this line also feature System Injection, but the rest
        require a little painting efforts):

RGM-111 Hardygun, one of the most popular GM variants made by Bandai

RXF91 Gundam RXF91, Anaheim Electronic's ripoff version of SNRI's
                Gundam F91

XM-07G Vigna Zirah, Crossbone Vanguard elite squad commander's suit,
                think of them as the BTS equivalent in the F91 timeline.

F71B G-Cannon Magna, AE's ripoff version of the F71. Looks even
                more like the original GunCannon.

RX-99 Neo Gundam, this one appeared as a secret prototype the Feds
                had in the manga. Has a back-mounted style of Core Fighter
                module which can combine with the beam rifle when in CF mode.
                Kit is pricy due to the inclusion of the SF91 Handbook.

RXF91A Gundam RXF91A, a modified version of the RXF91. You can
                build the original RXF91 from this kit as well.

F90III-Y Cluster Gundam, this one did not appear in the manga IIRC.


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