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> >Now, could someone who has heard the phrase and is familiar with it
> >confirm or correct this?
> In CCA, when Char walks in and everyone salutes him... they say "Sheeg
> Jeon" but that's just the accent, since in Japanese, there is no sound
> for "See" only "Shee". Sieg Zeon would be pronounced "Seeg Zeon" in
> english, it makes sense, plus in all the dubs of Gundam shows I've seen,
> they pronounce it that way
At the end, I am not a crazy, then. You are right in everything. Your words
(but how many times I have been telling it) have made light on this thing.
What all needed was to hear an example taken from the animated series and
you did it. I hope all this will finish soon.


"Daremo hitorideha ikirarenai" -- Kidou Senshi Gandamu (MS Gundam)
Translation: "Nobody can live alone"

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