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At 20:49 03/11/2001 +0800, Richard Ramos wrote:
>Lim, I agree with you on the preachy part, but then, it is supposed to be
>easier to understand -- for the younger generation, you know...I just wish
>they gave the younger generation more credit.

        Whenever they go into those monologues about this right and that
wrong -- and in the chinese-dubbed version I was watching -- I get turned
off totally. I can't understand how the younger generation can stay
interested either..

>True, but this problem stems from the fact that GW didn;t have enough
>episodes for the kind of Storyline that it had.

        Well, that's bad storyboarding for you. If what you said is true, it
was trying to cramp too much into too little, and that hurts it more than it

        Pacing is important..

>True. Chris is very much developed as a character, noticeable because of
>her, well, dimensionality-- it's almost as if she is a real person, the way
>she reacts at times.

        =) The fact that she totally dropped off the scene is something I
don't quite understand. She's pretty okay as a pilot, IMO, if not downright
good. Since she was "reassigned" IIRC, so it stands to reason that she's
still around in 0083.. unless she voluntarily demobilized.

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