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> Wing also came out during the time that Anime was having a serious growth
spurt outside Japan.
> It just so happens that when Mechadom was beggining to scout for fans,
Wing had the "right" flavor
> to capture the greater populace of anime fandom. Hence, as many "purists"
there may be, there's no
> disregarding the fact that the number of wing fans are many and
(unfortunately) strong. Yare, yare...

Unfortunate? I think it's a great opportunity! imagine if we can get even
some of them to appreciate all of gundam?!

> >I didn't like G either.
> I actually found it amusing and fun to watch. as an anime, its cool. For a
series carrying a "Gundam" in its
> title, well... it gives those used to UC a serious sweatdrop of

Nah, just forget that it threw nearly everything out the window and then had
John Woo walk in, LOL!

> >X was cool with a capital "C"! :)
> Hmm, I like Tifa and the soundtrack... sort of. Its nice, but not really
> >Haven't seen Turn-A tho.
> Hmm, take an rx-78 and toss it in the blender. ^_^;; ---kidding. its a
gundam with a mustache.

Though I like the mecha, I have to admit to dismay upon first seeing it.
but the design grows on you.

> >I like X, G and Turn-A, so people
> >> should regard those
> >> shows as high as any other AU series, including
> >> Wing.
> Well, in a general manner, people are EXPECTED to do that, not COMPLY.
should...could ...would...
> but the thing is, they don't. That's how things are. IF you said that MSG
sucked then I'd have to accept
> the fact that that's how YOU think, but that doesn't mean I'm happy with
it (and I wouldn't be, and I doubt
> you'd say anything like that). Idealism is fun, its just not feasable.

I think the idea is more that people should just realize that preferences
are preferences. and what bandai says, goes. I don't like some of the UC
and AC stuff, but heck, bandai says it's gundam. but it doesn;t change my
opinion of the series.

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