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>> Yes, but five robots being able to take out hundreds? Without even

Gundanium!!! ^_^ EW they do take scratches and bullet holes (plot-dictated though, but better than otherwise).

>Who knows. I guess the bad guys mecha are that inferior to the good guys
>mecha :) If the good guys can do that, so should the bad guys. You'd think
>since the good guys have access to that type of ability, the bad guys should
>have that ability as well if not all of them, at least some of them should
>you know? If young, imeperinced mecha pilots had generic, mass produced
>mecha, most wouldn't last a second :) Maybe thats the answer? ;)

hmmm...taking one comparison of situations in GW and EW. In GW, OZ's space-type Leos can't even beat a piloted Taurus, much less last for a short time. However, in EW, Heero in a space-type Leo goes head-to-head with Wu Fei in the Nataku and to say the least, the battle was impressive. Ahhh...the wonders of plot dictates...

>Anway, was joking in my first reply and am joking again. This type of stuff
>doesn't really bother me. They are just cartoons and it takes away a lot of
>the fun of watching them, if everythings explained away.

that's the spirit! This is one of the few cases where the message "Ignorance is bliss" applies.

james r. 2


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