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>> Gundam itself started a new classification of "real robots". >Lately
>> however, lot's of "real robot" mecha shows are getting closer >and closer
>> "super robots".

>Probably because some want to make their mecha show "unique" >and it turns

Strength isn't the only way to make a mecha show unique. I remember that
there was an anime that had a pretty lousy mecha that won only thru the
sheer briliance of it's pilots. Forgot the name of it, I only heard about
it thru the net.

>out to be super robotish. I am a fan of both real and super, >robot shows,
>as long as a mecha show has a great story, what style the >robots are make
>little difference to me. Besides, since most take place far in >the future,
>what appears "super" could just refelct how advanced they >are! :)

Yes, but five robots being able to take out hundreds? Without even dodging?

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>"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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