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>> > I'm 26 and I enjoy SuperRobot fight scenes, and
>> see nothing wrong with it.

I too am a fan of super robots. Particularly Getta and the new Mazinkaiser. I guess most of us started that way.

>> > I don't see why the two have to be separated,

Hmm, well, since anime mecha has so many types of robots running around (from hardsuits to
mobile armors to combining ships to transforming vehicles to...) I really appreciate having different
categories for mecha (so if anyone asks whats the difference between Giant Robo and Votoms, I
could at least give them different criteria under which the two titles would each fall under. Eh, to
cut my rant, I meant its a good way to organize the mechs. ^_^;; (like MS or MA)

>and why people have to be
> insulted if they like the one or the other.

Well, that's how some purists are, they bring it to a point that they feel as if they were the ones being
hated and not the genre.

I like Mazinger Z, Goshogun, Dancougar, Gaogaigar, Dunbine, Votoms, Gundam, Eva, Giant Robo,
Getta, Gunbuster, Dual and the next freakin kewl anime mecha you can throw at me... well I do have
a certain amount of cringe factor when it comes to turn-A. v ^_^;;


"Getter one... switch on!"

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