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 Have any idea of the total file size of all the images? There's lot's of free online storage sites out there, which allow you to have private and public folders for files and stuff, but most are only 20 to 30 MB. Would a free web server like Terrashare work? They only have one ad banner accross the top of the site. I use them and have been very happy with them. I can't remember what site it was, but there is one site where its free and its designed to allow people to share p ics with people.

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  Sent: Saturday, March 10, 2001 11:14 PM
  Subject: [gundam] Looking for a place to post Gundam model pics.

  Well, I could have sworn that I sent this yesterday, but apparently, my Teflon coated brain is at work again.
  Anyone know of a go place when I can post a bunch of images I want to share with you guys?
  I have so much stuff from old mags that really deserves to be shared.
  Let me know.

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