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Does anybody know what ever happened to the "Zany Video games qoutes"
website? It used to have this as well as other horrible translations.

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I got into the "All your base" thing last year when I saw Overclocked's dub
project (For those of you who are familiar with Overclocked, I applaude
you!). Now that was the true one! That's what got it going I tell you, the
voices are incredible! God I love bad SNK translations!

~Amanda R.
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> > > -"All your White Base are belong to us"
> >
> >I'm lost here. Why's almost everyone been saying this
> >phrase? Personally it doesn't make sense...could
> >anyone enlighten me on this?
> >
> It's a Gundam-style paraphasing of the infamous "All Your Base Are Belong
> Us" Phenomenon.
> You see, a few years ago, there was this game, I think It may have been on
> the Neo-Geo, called Zero Wing, IIRC. One of the things that stands out
> about it was the TERRIBLE translation job done on the opening Cinema,
> inlcuded lines such as: "What you say?", Someone set us up the Bomb.", You
> have no chance to survive, make your time", and the now infamous "All your
> base are belong to us." line the bad guy uses to taunt the heroes.
> An animated GIF of the scene can be found at:
> Anyway, somebody made a video, which was later converted to a slide show,
> that showed pictures of road signs, billboards, plaques, magazine covers,
> window signs, banners, and just about anything with writing on it,
> up to read "All Your Base Are Belong To Us."
> Now, people are making T-shirts and mugs with the "All Your Base" line on
> them.
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