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At 03:59 03/09/2001 +0800, Richard Ramos wrote:

        <sob> Someone actually replied to one of my posts! =)

>Actually, EW mentality is something more in line with societies with a high
>religious factor, combined with intense political corruption.

        Yeah, well.. maybe that's why I dislike GW/EW so much. I really
don't go into religion that much, so having a "preachy" (don't bother to
flame me for this, I didn't mean what you thought I mean. =) show like this
tends to turn me off.

>> "Bang Bang Interlude Bang Bang Interlude BIG BANG" kind of anime.
>egadz. I found it entrancing, becasue of the fact that so much was going on
>underneath the surface....

        GW or 0083? 0083 was IMO more eye-candy than anything -- cool MS,
good chara design, big explosion. The fact that its storyline had plot holes
big enough to park a colony in didn't help much.

        GW, OTOH, suffers from a lower per-episode budget typical of most TV
series (which is one reason why, garrick, the Lodoss War TV series isn't as
good as the Lodoss War OVA).

        I think GW actually does have an interesting story at times, but the
often lengthy self-exploration and (self-)righteousness of some of the
characters in there turned me off in the episodes I sat down to watch.

>Actually, for me, the interesting one was Bernie; he has INCREDIBLE
>decisions to make, and how he did it is still...damn, truly heroic.

        It's Bernie, Chris and Alfred. Chris isn't developed very much at
all, but the few times we did really see her talk shows a very well-thought
out character, and her unmentioned liking for Bernie makes his death -- and
her role in it -- even more prodigal.

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