Sat, 10 Mar 2001 13:20:44 EST

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> erhm...duckflesh, dude, i really think you should read
> all your emails from start to finish. i don't want to
> hack on your attention span, but a lot of emails don't
> end with the first paragraph (like my own emails
> during the other flame wars -- you completely
> misunderstood my email, calling it a "flame" when you
> didn't even get past the first paragraph).
> it would do you well to go through things from start
> to end, and thinking them over before responding.
> besides...-z- is one of the most respected and revered
> members here (not just because of his age, mind you).
> when he barks, we listen, you listen, everybody
> listens. should he even sneeze, everybody looks at
> his general direction. :)
> -garr
> the unstompable

Hey, my antention span is perfectly- wow, a Blue Car!
Seriousley though, sorry. Next time I don't have enough time to read
something, I just won't respond. Wow, Garick addresed mr personally! I fell

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