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Sun, 11 Mar 2001 01:16:12 +0900

>> One thing I don't understand is why people can bash
>> X, G, and Turn-A and
>> no one cares... but when someone says anything bad
>> about Gundam Wing, all
>> hell breaks loose.
>Bishounen factor. It's all about the bishounen. I
>didn't like bishounen the first time I've heard of it,
>and the moment I learned Wing was a bishounen show,

Wing also came out during the time that Anime was having a serious growth spurt outside Japan.
It just so happens that when Mechadom was beggining to scout for fans, Wing had the "right" flavor
to capture the greater populace of anime fandom. Hence, as many "purists" there may be, there's no
disregarding the fact that the number of wing fans are many and (unfortunately) strong. Yare, yare...

>I didn't like G either.

I actually found it amusing and fun to watch. as an anime, its cool. For a series carrying a "Gundam" in its
title, well... it gives those used to UC a serious sweatdrop of disorientation.

>X was cool with a capital "C"! :)

Hmm, I like Tifa and the soundtrack... sort of. Its nice, but not really new.

>Haven't seen Turn-A tho.

Hmm, take an rx-78 and toss it in the blender. ^_^;; ---kidding. its a gundam with a mustache.

>I like X, G and Turn-A, so people
>> should regard those
>> shows as high as any other AU series, including
>> Wing.

Well, in a general manner, people are EXPECTED to do that, not COMPLY. should...could ...would...
but the thing is, they don't. That's how things are. IF you said that MSG sucked then I'd have to accept
the fact that that's how YOU think, but that doesn't mean I'm happy with it (and I wouldn't be, and I doubt
you'd say anything like that). Idealism is fun, its just not feasable.

>> -"All your White Base are belong to us"
>I'm lost here. Why's almost everyone been saying this
>phrase? Personally it doesn't make sense...could
>anyone enlighten me on this?

must be somebody's sig. I miss the sig that had Noah complaining about kids always ending up with gundams...


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