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gundam@aeug.org wrote:

>I'm currently making a fanfic crossover between Eva
>and Z Gundam. I'd like to ask you all what could an
>Eva-15 designed by Paptimus Scirocco look like? What
>would its model name be, or would it need no model
>name at all? (I'd know it'd be called PMX-005.) I need
>your help cuz I have no experience in designing mobile
>suits anyway. Thanks...

As far as I know, 'ol purple head is too arrogant to believe in souls. ^_^;;
But he'd definitely rehash the whole frame with a gun-ho load of gundanium
god-knows-what-variant alloy. It would have SEELE's perfected S2 engine,
which means all of them friggin beam rifles ain't gonna stop firing if until they
overheat (which never really happens if a newtype is piloting...), and definitely
a psychoframe will be placed in the cockpit (which totally messes up the pilot's
body, mind and NERV-willing, soul).

Hmm, gundanium alloy protected by a near invincible double layer of an AT field
and an I-field... New Mobile Genesis... O_O;;

Hope that helped. Gambatte ne.


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