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>I can't find any sound clips of Char all I can find is sound clips of
>Freaking Gundam Wing please help me look for some, I'll give you some pics or
>a song of you choosing as long as I have it, Ja

Hmm, as I said before, try playstation games (if worst comes to worst, play Super Robot Wars).
You'll just have to hook up the audio out to your PC line-in and record it using sound recorder
or any compatible program. You can record directly from VCDs or DVDs if your CD-ROM can read

If you plan on downloading, try looking for sound clips of Ikeda Shuuichi and pray he's doing a
Char Aznable speech (if you're just after the voice, then that's easier. Here's his other roles,
try getting them if you don't have luck with Char...

Arc the Lad - Shuu
Bubble Gum Crisis - Mason
Cyber Formula - Nagumo Kyoshirou
Daitarn 3 - Radick
Goshogun - Francis
Heroic Legend of Arislan - Hilmes
Legend of Galactic Heroes - Kessler
Prefectual Earth Defense Force - Chilthonia
Project A-ko - Captain Napolipolita
Record of Lodoss War - Lord Cashew
Rurouni Kenshin - Hiko Seijuurou
Saint Seiya - Miro
Sol Bianca - Yuuri
Tokyo Babylon - Nagumo Shinji
Venus Senki - Jeffrey Carts

of course, this list isn't going to do you any good if you need Ikeda speaking AS Char. ^_^;;)


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