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gundam@aeug.org wrote:

>Where can I find sound clips of Char talking at as I've searched but no luck
>so if you all know then lemme know as I wanna hear him talk? Arigato in
>advance Minna, Ja.

If you have the SD Gundam G-Generation F Playstation discs, place them in a CD
player and you'll find various "spoofs" of thier speeches (I think its disc three with
that spoof of Quatre in EW saying goodbye to Sandrock, only this time, he's saying
"Sayonara, Memorii kaado." O_O).

Or play the game, go to profile mode and go to characters and press.. uhm, triangle is for the BGM..
i think its square to her a voice quip, theres about 4-5 speeches so cycle through them.

Hmm, try getting a copy of Char's Counterattack too (both the video and the game), Char loves
speeches... ^_^;;


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