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>I think there might be some anti Japanese sentiment at the root >of
>it, but also remember that, for right or wrong, Americans tend >to
>feel that they own the animation market. I mean, Disney, Warner
>Bros., MGM, Hanna Barbarra, Ralf Bakshi, and more recently >Pixar, all

Hmm, Pixar, I wonder if they feel threatened by the Final Fantasy Movie as
well as the recent CG that we've seen from some Japanese games lately.

>cause Americans to feel that they are the animation standard >that
>everyone has to measure up to.

>As an animator myself, I can say emphatically that 90% of the
>arguments for why Japanese animation is of poorer quality than
>American animation, are nothing but a load of crap. People like >to do
>things like compare a Disney feature film, to a Sunrise TV

Let's them compare any Disney film with something like Grave of the
Fireflies. IT seems that ppl tend to focus on the animation, what about the

>and that is in no way, shape, or form a valid comparison. If you
>compare a show like Cowboy BeBop, or Betterman to a show like
>Animaniacs or Batman, you quickly see that anime has a far >higher
>line count, better shading, more lighting effects, a broader >range of
>character design work as well as expression, and an average >frame
>count within 1 to 3 frames a second of American shows. >Unfortunately
>the comparisons done in the US are always something asinine >like Lion
>King vs. Pokemon!

>Oh well, the joys of being an American. I just wish that the >rest of
>the world could understand how much tolerance you have to have >to be
>an American, but not one of the flag waving, follow-the-heard >types.
>Some of us really are intelligent, nice people.

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