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samas_1> You see, a few years ago, there was this game, I think It may have been on
samas_1> the Neo-Geo, called Zero Wing, IIRC. One of the things that stands out
samas_1> about it was the TERRIBLE translation job done on the opening Cinema, which
samas_1> inlcuded lines such as: "What you say?", Someone set us up the Bomb.", You
samas_1> have no chance to survive, make your time", and the now infamous "All your
samas_1> base are belong to us." line the bad guy uses to taunt the heroes.

It was for the Sega Megadrive actually (Japanese version of the Genesis) and
you can find both a ROM and an emulator for it on www.emux.com

The game itself IMHO is somewhat lame. But the opening is priceless :)

Mike Hodson <mike@mystica.cx>

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