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> Yes, this is also one of the reasons why i have no patience for organized
> religions that engage in releasing edicts of such dubious nature. I even
> have quite a few sharp words to say about my own religion (Roman
> Catholicism), especially their stand on gay people.

I know it's off topic, I used to goto Church every Sunday, but no longer go
as it's hard to go to any places without wheelchair access and/or a rest
room big enough for my wheelchair to get into and just because a store or
another place says they have these things over the phone, sometimes this
turns out to be false. My main reason is because I got/get tired of being
preached to and I have had my fill of Go to Church or Burn in Hell that alot
of them preach. I believe in God because I want to, not because I am told
to. I don't really have a religion, I guess I could be called a Christen,
but do not really feel like one, so I guess I am not one. I get tired of all
those arrogant, snobby religious people, who think they are better then
everyone else. I'll listen to religious people, as long as they don't start
trying to preach to me and/or convert me!

Anyway, I can see why you'd have sharp words about your own religion, if
it's anything like what I've experienced. Just because one has a religion,
doesn't make them a good person. There are lot of good people in any
religion, but like everything else in this world, there's always going to be
bad apples in any religion, group, government, etc. A lot of horrible things
are done under the name of religion, especially wars in the past. From what
I've read about the Crusades, that was a horrible thing done under religion.
Finally, some use religion to hide behind, instead of to make them a better
person as well.

Aaron aka BlazeEagle
"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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