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Fri, 9 Mar 2001 04:29:57 +0800

> *snip*
> >Too true, Fed. But I just got the realization that gundam >requires a
> >more age....I showed 0080 to some high school friends, and at
> Depends, my twelve year old brother is getting seriously into the UC
> but maybe that just myu influence.

That's good. although you may have to check if he's getting it right, LOL!
OR, he might turn newtype on you, LOL!

> >first they
> >were bored, but when the final segment hit...egadz, imagine >teenagers
> trying
> >not to cry.
> 0080, where'd you get your copy? I only have the 1st 3 eps.

long time ago, from some friends...

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