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Fri, 9 Mar 2001 04:20:09 +0800

> practically speaking, i'm almost atheist, with a great
> disdain for religion in all forms, shapes, sizes,
> color and smell. this taliban fiasco represents, to
> me, the very worst of religious zeal -- the buddha
> statues have something even a man of other religious
> leanings can appreciate: art and culture, two things
> that have been lost too much too often because of
> religious zeal. bah.

Yes, this is also one of the reasons why i have no patience for organized
religions that engage in releasing edicts of such dubious nature. I even
have quite a few sharp words to say about my own religion (Roman
Catholicism), especially their stand on gay people.

> wing is the most popular of the spin-offs. being the
> one with most fans, it is only logical that wing
> bashing causes the most uproar.
> and the very nature of gundam wing as a facsimile of
> UC gundam, if you haven't noticed, is already
> controversial.
> -garr

I see no reason why it should be....GW is a revision of UC, that much I will
push, but it has enough original elements in it or it to be appreciated in
it is own right.

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