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> but they all failed to move. the characters were two
> dimensional in the figurative and literal sense -- and
> i'm not just talking about the 5 boys...even noin,
> une, salieh, the 5 mad scientists, trieze,
> zechs...they were cookie cutter characters without any
> real and serious depth. shoot me for a mad dog, but
> relena, with all her out of this world philosophy was
> the most developed character in wing. they don't act
> like they have interest or desire in life, despite all
> the prep talk by trowa or catherine about how precious
> life is. they're not affected by the conflict in the
> way amuro and the whole crew of white base was in
> 0079, or al and the children in 0080. the 8th ms team
> showed the displacement of life in war with the crew
> and their own agendas aside from the war they were
> fighting (elledore, anyone?). even 0083 did a better
> job of showing the human-ness of the characters. wing
> doesn't come close. all issues of war and tragedy are
> theoretical and statistical in wing.

That is teh real tragedy of GW, I think, that these children (the G-boys)
are already so detached, so flat. For me, I think it was meant that way, to
show the dehumanization of warfare. Treize is about as cookie-cutter as it
gets...until he starts reading the list of all those who died fighitng for
his cause. Heero is a robot, until you see EW, and realize where a lot of
his emotions have been hiding, and why. I dunno garrick, i find that a lot
of GW reflects the detachment to violence that a lot of the younger
generation have today -- until it stares them straight in the face, like it
did Heero in EW.

> to me, superrobot fighting style of wing isn't a big
> problem. macross got away with more superheroic mecha
> hijinks than wing (remember hikaru catching minmei in
> the canopy shenanigan?), but maybe because macross had
> a more compelling drama...and that it's a character
> story at heart...
> as someone who grew up on super robot anime, i can
> heartily assure people that you can still tell a good
> story with non-realistic non-militaristic fight
> choreography.
> (as an aside, people often slam macross 7 for
> regressing to a "monster of the week" show in later
> episodes -- i don't think "regress" is the proper
> word, and i don't think that's a valid accusation in
> the first place...but you'd have to like the super
> robot classics in the first place and remember the
> fact that 'monster of the week' shows were a very
> valid template for animes of old...very valid and
> still hip, in my opinion :P).
> -garr

I loved the space opera formula of te old days, complete with villain of the
week. If done right, it still comes out as very impressive. I hear
GaoGaiGar/GaoFiGar is pretty good.

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