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Fri, 9 Mar 2001 04:07:08 +0800

> True, true. I wouldn't even be a Gundam fan if I wasn't raised on Koji
> Kabuto and Mazinger or Voltes V. You really need some sort of childhood
> spark for Giant Robot fever like Voltron or Power Rangers to gain
> fascination over the whole thing. The same way G Gundam entrenched the
> Gundam name for a next generation of fans.
> I'm curious about the young kids' reaction to Gundam Wing in the US. The
> kids over here in the Philippines just know it as the other Gundam series
> that wasn't G. ^_^ It's funny, I tried showing 0079 First Gundam movies to
> my nephews and they told me to fast forward to the robot fight scenes
> everytime. Kids these days. :)
> Fed

Too true, Fed. But I just got the realization that gundam requires a bit
more age....I showed 0080 to some high school friends, and at first they
were bored, but when the final segment hit...egadz, imagine teenagers trying
not to cry.

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