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> Much the same way UC fans can make a judgement on GW based only on
> bits and pieves of GW. I'm as guilty as the next in this aspect.
> To be honest, I don't dislike GW as much as my posts may
> I only have an issue with it being associated with UC Gundam by name. The
> main difficulty in my case is, as Garrick says, the GI Joe mentaility of
> vs the "scared sh!tless but still fighting" mentaility of UC Gundam... for
> most parts.
> Now, having served in the military in my country, UC Gundam
> to me because the people in the military in the few UC series I've seen
> react as people in my military does -- Kou and Keith's gawking at Gundam
> something all of us indulge in once in a while. In other words, I feel UC
> Gundam is more realistic.
> That's not to say GW is bad -- just less realistic in my opinion.
> Edward once mentioned, opinions are like a$$holes: everyone's got at least
> one. I have my opinion, I'm willing to state my opinion, and I can
> definitely respect somebody else's opinion... so long said somebody
> force his opinion on me.
> Which is why I get so antsy about the AC/UC debate. It's a fairly
> useless attempt at trying to change the opinions of others, and it's bad
> because it gets heated and people get emotional and insults each other.
> bandwidth thing is another bad point of such a debate.
> >> (including non-Gundam fans - I remember the former
> >> president of my anime club's statement that "0080
> >> is the ONLY good Gundam series"),
> >i sincerely question your president's tastes. :P

Actually, EW mentality is something more in line with societies with a high
religious factor, combined with intense political corruption. one can and
will find fanatics like the G-boys in such sociteies...where religious
fervor can be used to certain ends, or redirected. they don't necessarily
have to be religious per se, but the mentality of fervor and fanaticism,
coupled with fatalism, makes for a powerful combination.

> Note to Garrick:
> Mentally append "that I've seen." to the end of the above
> <GRIN>
> Back to the point. 0080 is not an easy anime to watch, especially
> you've been brought into a genre with loads of GW and 0083. You know the
> type: "Bang Bang Interlude Bang Bang Interlude BIG BANG" kind of anime.

egadz. I found it entrancing, becasue of the fact that so much was going on
underneath the surface....

> On the first pass, you're not likely to pick up the good points of
> 0080; It really takes mulitple passes of the show to realise how good it
> as well as a certain maturity and a certain mindset to fully appreciate
> Comparing 0080 to GW is like comparing an art film to an action
> film; they might be in the same category (film), but the content and
> delivery is vstly different.
> >you can like wing as much as you want, and you're
> >entitled to it, but to say that 0080 has nothing on g
> >wing in the emotion and character story (if not action
> >and juice and glamorous theatrics) department is a
> >veritable crime. :)
> >-garr
> Agreed. 0080, being a 6 episode OVA, had to date the best
> development in any OVA series I've seen. TV series tend to have it easier,
> as they have more time for the characters to mature, but watching Alfred
> mature practically overnight in 0080 is something that has to be seen to
> appreciated.

Actually, for me, the interesting one was Bernie; he has INCREDIBLE
decisions to make, and how he did it is still...damn, truly heroic.

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