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It's still the ame issue, intolerance, whether it's over religious beliefs
or a science fiction anime, it's the same thing. Unwillingness to tolerate
something else.

"Ore wa kono te de hikatte naru. Shiori no tsukumae to tataratsuki sakebu.

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>If we can all just stop to think that Gundam, no matter how >great of a
>show it is, is still JUST A CARTOON. People liking Wing over UC >or UC
>over Wing is just incomparable to the Taliban destroying the >Buddhas,
>saying so is just a grave over-statement. I don't like Wing, >but I've
>learned to keep my mouth shut, but whenever anyone asks if I >like Wing
>and I say no, then they get mad at me. We're all entitled to >our own
>opinions. So someone making a "UC-only group" is their own >business, if
>they want UC fans only, then let them, maybe you can go make >a "Wing-only
>group". What difference does it make?

>One thing I don't understand is why people can bash X, G, and >Turn-A and
>no one cares... but when someone says anything bad about Gundam >Wing, all
>hell breaks loose. I like X, G and Turn-A, so people should >regard those
>shows as high as any other AU series, including Wing.

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