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Fri, 9 Mar 2001 03:54:39 +0800

> Deplore as you please, but tolerate.
> Don't accept anything you find distasteful, but tolerate those who think
> otherwise.
> After all, if you wall yourself away or shut out those who fail to see the
> light, how will you ever convert them to your way of thinking?
> -Z-

Well said, Z. I've always maintained that all the gundams are linked by the
fact that it's not about the mecha; it's about the characters, how they
resolve the injustices, both internal and external, in their own universes.
They may not succeed, but you see the humanity of their approach. for me,
Heero's final major symbolic action in EW is just as powerful a scene as the
final combat scene of 0080: War in the Pocket. True, story makes a big part
of gundam, and some series are worse than others, but over all, all the
series have their own powerful points. for me, the sensibilities of each
are tailored to points of view, which I love to see. I even have a grudging
respe4ct for Kou, since he was just trying to do the best he could under the
circumstances -- which is, on a certain level, more heroic than Char.

So there you go.

my two cents.

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