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Maybe you ought to fully read it before commenting on it. It seems to be a very civil discussion to me. Not fully reading a persons post causes problems and confusion, that can breed a flame war . . .

I read a post fully and sometimes read one several times, before posting a reply to posts. Email is not instant discussion, so one has the time to think over their reply before clicking their Send button.

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  ummmmmm.... I didn't read that all, but it is saying basically that it is bad
  to be against a certain gundam series, right? Well, If I got this right, let
  me say that this list has been flame war free fo a while, and maybe you
  should let a sleeping dog lye instead of poking it with a stick and telling
  it it is intolerable. If I translated this Email wrong (i didn't read it all,
  after all) I apologize,

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