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Fri, 9 Mar 2001 17:07:35 -0800 (PST)

--- Loran Seakku <> wrote:
> If we can all just stop to think that Gundam, no
> matter how great of a
> show it is, is still JUST A CARTOON. People liking
> Wing over UC or UC
> over Wing is just incomparable to the Taliban
> destroying the Buddhas,
> saying so is just a grave over-statement.

not really.

what -z- is hinting at is the slippery slope argument.
 if people can be so stupid, bitchy and moronic about
something so inconsequential and petty as cartoon
preferences (for crying out loud it IS just a
cartoon), do you really expect people to get along
when it comes to issues of religion, politics and
ethnic smurfiness?

it is not so much a grave overstatement as it is the
logical, though seemingly far-fetched (at first),

practically speaking, i'm almost atheist, with a great
disdain for religion in all forms, shapes, sizes,
color and smell. this taliban fiasco represents, to
me, the very worst of religious zeal -- the buddha
statues have something even a man of other religious
leanings can appreciate: art and culture, two things
that have been lost too much too often because of
religious zeal. bah.

> I don't
> like Wing, but I've
> learned to keep my mouth shut, but whenever anyone
> asks if I like Wing
> and I say no, then they get mad at me. We're all
> entitled to our own
> opinions. So someone making a "UC-only group" is
> their own business, if
> they want UC fans only, then let them, maybe you can
> go make a "Wing-only
> group". What difference does it make?

no difference actually. it just shows that UC fans
are everything they accuse wing fans of being.

> One thing I don't understand is why people can bash
> X, G, and Turn-A and
> no one cares... but when someone says anything bad
> about Gundam Wing, all
> hell breaks loose. I like X, G and Turn-A, so people
> should regard those
> shows as high as any other AU series, including
> Wing.

wing is the most popular of the spin-offs. being the
one with most fans, it is only logical that wing
bashing causes the most uproar.

and the very nature of gundam wing as a facsimile of
UC gundam, if you haven't noticed, is already


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