Lloyd Barrieses (kachiko00@yahoo.com)
Fri, 9 Mar 2001 16:07:57 -0800 (PST)

I don't
> like Wing, but I've
> learned to keep my mouth shut, but whenever anyone
> asks if I like Wing
> and I say no, then they get mad at me. We're all
> entitled to our own
> opinions. So someone making a "UC-only group" is
> their own business, if
> they want UC fans only, then let them, maybe you can
> go make a "Wing-only
> group". What difference does it make?

I used to like Wing then I was introduced to Super
Robot Wars/Taisen. :) I liked the UC series from then

> One thing I don't understand is why people can bash
> X, G, and Turn-A and
> no one cares... but when someone says anything bad
> about Gundam Wing, all
> hell breaks loose.

Bishounen factor. It's all about the bishounen. I
didn't like bishounen the first time I've heard of it,
and the moment I learned Wing was a bishounen show,

I didn't like G either.

X was cool with a capital "C"! :)

Haven't seen Turn-A tho.

I like X, G and Turn-A, so people
> should regard those
> shows as high as any other AU series, including
> Wing.
> -"All your White Base are belong to us"

I'm lost here. Why's almost everyone been saying this
phrase? Personally it doesn't make sense...could
anyone enlighten me on this?

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