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No, that one is 1/144. :(
I will rescan them sometime.
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  Hey, is that Desert Zaku in the background 1/100 too?

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  I myself am a big Dom fan too. My friends say that I like it because it
  matches my size :)
  My favorite is still the Dwadge I found in a 1986 issue of Hobby Japan.
  Check out this pic:
  This was actual a conversion from the original 1/100 Dom kit. I have seen a
  new attempt on this conversion with the MG Dom in the HJ Gundam Weapons
  Special, but it is not as cool as this one.
  I have 2 of the 1/60 Dom kit and would love to convert it to this.

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    From: Thomas Kohl
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> > The only other 1/144 RD's out are the MSV Dom prototype and the
> > test type.
> >
> > Pc
> There's also the Dwadge, the desert Dom.
    There is a kit of the dowadge ?? cool what scale ? what quality and where
    can i get it
    I am a big fan of everything Dom *G*
    currently my Collection of Dom type mobile suits

    1/100 MG Rick Dom
    1/144 HGUC Ms09f Dom Tropen
    1/144 Rick dom II
    1/144 HGUC Rick dias
    ( ok not that much i know but i have been into Gunpla for just 4 months
    now )

    I am looking forward to getting the following models asap

    AMX-009 Dreissen any scale
    1/100 MG Dom ( bcos of the weapons )
    Dowadge any scale
    the old real type 1/100 DOM model
    and offcourse the MS-10 pezun dowadge any scale

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