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Hey, thats a great idea. Thanks.

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 << File: ATT00000.htm >> Hello girls and boys!
Are your fingers cramping up from cleaning the nips of those little links
from your new MG Gouf kits? If so, here is a little tip for ya from "the
round one" on how to clean up your links a little easier.

First take a look at all the trees you got from your kit. You should be
able to find a approx. 3 in piece from the "K" tree. Cut the piece off so
that one end that has piece with the number "7" on it and the other end
clean. It should now look like a long flag pole with a little flag on it:

The little "flag" with stop the links from slipping off. Use your xacto
knife, or butter knife if you are daring, and smooth of the knot in the
middle of your "flag pole".

You should also have at lease 1 extra piece of "E" from your polycap tree.
 you can now trim out your links :L2s and L4s and slide them onto the "flag
pole". After they are all lined up, you can then slide on the polycap "E"
to hold all the links securely. Now you can use your sand papers and sand
down all the nips at one time.

Also. during the construction of the inner part of the torso, you are
asked to insert a polycap "E" deep into the front piece (in the case of the
Gouf Custom, D13). This can be rather tricky unless you have skinny
fingers. Cut a piece of the tree that resembles a "T". Trim the tip a
little and slide on the polycap. Now you have a probe to reach in. Piece
of cake :)

Good Luck.


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