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I think his source is whoever sends him the models from Japan.
Actually, I have no idea where he gets his rumors but that would be my
guess. But in the past he has been sort of reliable. He predicted the
MG Nu Gundam, but I guess that wasn't that hard after the Sazabi came
out. I think he said the Re-GZ would be late summer/early fall 2001 so
if that actually comes to pass then maybe the other stuff about the
Dogas would be true.

I personally still don't think there's actually going to be a HGUC
Orchis, but like I said, I thought I'd just pass it on because it seems
to be talked about so often on this mailing list. Even if there were
plans for one my guess it wouldn't be out until 2002 at the earliest...?
And I would think it would cost a LOT more than $50 if it was 1/144 or
even 1/220. If it was 1/144 the box on that thing would probably be the
size of the PG Zeta or so, no?


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hmm...I sure would like to know where is his source of
but anyway I always like the CCA mobile suits.If
Bandai is going ahead with their release-hurray!!!
As for the HGUC Orichis-I only believe it when I see
it confirmed on Gundam Perfect Web

--- Matt Tateishi <>
wrote: > Hi there Gundam ML,
> Well, I was at New Type Hobbies in San Francisco
> last weekend to buy a
> MG Nu Gundam and as I was looking around I started
> talking to the guy
> about Master Grades and what's coming up. And he
> went through the stuff
> that's already announced, like Hyaku Shiki and
> GP-O3. And then he
> mentioned that after that the Re-GZ will be the next
> Master Grade. And
> I was kind of surprised and asked him why they were
> making a MG out of
> such an obscure suit. And he said that Bandai is
> moving forward with
> CCA-era suits and that there are plans for an
> eventual MG Geara Doga and
> MG Jagd Doga. And THEN he dropped a bomb and said
> that Bandai is
> actually planning for a (wait for it...) HGUC
> Dendrobium Orichis?! So
> of course I gave him a look of immense disbelief,
> but he insisted that
> they're actually taking about this right now.
> Okay, this is all total rumor and might be
> completely unfounded. It's
> just something a guy that works at a model store
> told me. But I thought
> I'd pass it on.
> --Matt
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