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Sat, 10 Mar 2001 02:02:53 +0800

I agree with Char that sentiment plays a part in the overall picture of
liking something and not liking something. ^_^

I appreciate Andrew's questions on being unable to appreciate something. In
my case, I've never been one to back down on so-called classics in my life.
I've watched, read or heard practically the best of anything that life has
to offer. My numerous uncles exposed me to different bits of the finest
music ever - From Miles Davis' A Kind of Blue to Pink Floyd. My dad's a film
buff who exposed me to Kurosawa since the age of 11. We have a library of
children's classics that I gorged into while I was little. I think exposure
to various stuff is all people really need to get them to see something for
what it really is. And to differentiate the trash from the great stuff.

Its nice that you gave it your shot Andrew. To tell you honestly, having
seen most of the Gundam series out there - Wing pretty stands much on its
own as one of the better anime shows out there. As Garrick pointed out - I
wasn't much of a wing fan to begin with, but gradually grew into it after
watching the series uninterrupted after a second viewing. Nowadays, I devour
a lot of wing info I can get my hands on as my curiosity piqued with the
charas. ^_^

The president of your anime club has his own opinion as do you - but all of
its based on what stuff you've both seen. But opinions may still vary.
Having seen a sh*tload of anime myself, I'm probably in the minority saying
that Gainax's Wings of Honneamise was a piece of crap. I'm not exactly any
less exposed than anyone else, nor am I an uninformed fan. I just sincerely
don't like it because it bored me.

As for your 0080 hangup, hehe... I think I'm one of those people like
yourself who like to see mecha in action. The original gundam movies for me
are still the best among all the series I've seen, but the appreciation
really stems from my beloved days as a kid watching Dangard Ace or some
other giant robot show on TV.

My current Shoujo fix - such as watching such series as CCS, Utena and other
shows recently probably helped me appreciate Gwing a bit more. So I think
you should just keep at it and try out new stuff. Who knows - you may find a
some anime you'd like that will eventually lead you to return and watch 0080
sometime in the future with a different POV.

hope my rant didn't take too much of your time. :)


From: Char Aznable <charaznable@excite.com>

> I don't think you are a bad fan for liking GWing more than the UC shows.
> the UC shows can't please everybody and as long as you like Gundam,
> its UC, GWing, G Gundam, Turn A, whatever, then you're a certified Gundam
> fan, and a good one at that. I guess its the same way with anything. a
> Ferrari is cool but not everyone thinks so. or a lot may think Michael
> Jordan is the best basketball player ever, but there are some who would
> Magic Johnson or Larry Bird or Wilt Chamberlain or someone else. if you
> think Bird is the best ever that doesn't make you a bad basketball fan.
> On Fri, 09 Mar 2001 21:16:04 +1100, gundam@aeug.org wrote:
> > Okay... something that's been bothering me since I made that rant a
> > ago. It seems that everyone who's seen both UC and Wing likes UC
> > and thinks that the Wing plotline is a ripoff of UC. I've seen a LOT
> UC
> > Gundam by now (at least some of every series, except G-Saviour), and I
> > still like Wing as much as or more than any UC show, and honestly can't
> see
> > that much of a UC influence in the plotline (I can see Zechs/Char, a
> > premise similar to Zeta, and CCA at the end). I like the plot and
> > characters (which people have criticised), and, although I admit that
> > battles between the G-boys and grunt troops are less than impressive,
> > does serve to emphasise the major fights more.
> >
> > Or am I just a bad critic who likes bad anime better than good anime?
> >
> > The other reason I'm wondering this is because I just saw the first two
> > episodes of Gundam 0080, which everyone seems to regard as a classic
> > (including non-Gundam fans - I remember the former president of my
> > club's statement that "0080 is the ONLY good Gundam series"), and it
> > me kind of apathetic.
> >
> > Does it get better in the later episodes? Has knowing the spoilers
> ruined
> > it for me? Or am I just a tasteless Winger like I'm worried I am?
> > _____________________________________________________________
> > Andrew Dynon

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